Sue Kim, PhD

Sue Kim, PhD portrait
  • Director, Personalized Active Learning (PAL)
  • Associate Professor, Basic Medical Sciences, Basic Medical Sciences
    • Primary Address
    • Office
    • University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix
    • ABC-1 Building
    • 425 North 5th Street
    • Phoenix, AZ, United States 85004


Area of Expertise

  • Genes, Tumor Suppressor (Research)
  • Gene Regulation (Research)
  • Cancer (Research)

Research Summary

We investigate tumor suppressor (TS) genes in cancer and how TS deficiencies lead to tumor formation and progression. We have characterized Inhibitor of Growth 4 (ING4) TS in breast cancer, of which deficiency is correlated with metastatic and therapy-resistant tumors. We have defined ING4 as a transcriptional regulator that plays a critical role in tumor-immune modulation and hormone response. Ongoing studies include the molecular mechanism of ING4 and TSs in neuroblastoma and lung cancer.