Nafisa Jadavji, PhD
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    • Southern Illinois University
    • 1125 Lincoln Drive
    • Carbondale, IL, United States 62901



  • PhD 2012, Human Genetics , McGill University


Dr. Nafisa M. Jadavji is a Neuroscientist. She is an Research Professor at the University of Arizona, and Carleton University. In 2012, she completed her doctoral training at McGill University in Montréal, Canada.  Currently, her laboratory investigates how the brain responds to different biological processes throughout the lifespan. More specifically, her lab studies how the brain responds to changes in one-carbon metabolism, with a specific focus on maternal nutrition contributions to offspring neurodevelopment, neurological diseases (e.g. ischemic stroke and vascular dementia), and aging. 


Dr. Jadavji has received funding from the Arizona Department of Health, American Heart Association (US), Federation of European Neuroscience Society (Europe), NeuroWIND (Germany), Canadian Association for Neuroscience, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, National Science & Engineering Research Council (Canada), International Brain Research Organization, Parkinson's disease Foundation (US), Burroughs Wellcome Fund (US) and Fonds de la recherché en santé Québec (Canada).


Dr. Jadavji’s research has been published in Biochemical Journal, Neuroendocrinology, Experimental Neurology, Journal of Neuroscience, Human Molecular Genetics, Nutrition Reviews, Toxicological Science, European Journal of Neuroscience, Neural Regeneration Research, Nutritional Neuroscience, Nutrients, and Neurobiology of Disease.  She has also posted several preprints as an early career researcher.  Dr. Jadavji has published 61 peer review papers.


Dr. Jadavji has supervised and mentored over 50 undergraduate, graduate, and postdocs so far during her scientific career.


Dr. Jadavji is an Editorial member for Scientific Reports (Editor), Frontiers in Nutrition and Neuroscience (Associate Editor), Bioprotocols (Associate Editor), Metabolites (Review Editor) journals. She is the Finance and Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for the Journal of Young Investigators (JYI) and Chair of the Advisory Board for Reproducibility for Everyone (R4E). Dr. Jadavji is also the Vice President of the Graduate Women in Science and the Events Chair for the Association for Nutrition Early Career Research Group.


When she is not in the laboratory, teaching, or writing, Dr. Jadavji enjoys to cooking and baking gluten free treats. She is also an avid traveler, runner, and knitter.

Professional Memberships

American Heart Association

American Society for Nutrition

Canadian Association for Neuroscience

Canadian Nutrition Society

Graduate Women in Science

Organization for the Study of Sex Differences

Society for Neuroscience

World Stroke Organization